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Dear Web Subscribers,

The Douglas County Assessor’s Office would like to extend our gratitude in your continued patience as we continue working on this year’s Roll in preparation for the October Roll Certification.
We would like to inform you that we have re-visited our Fee-based Web Subscription Service and have determined this service must continue and as such, have had to make a few changes. At this time, we do not offer any Microsoft Access databases with the data that you all were all used to purchasing and downloading. Along with our new transition to the new Assessment & taxation system, we have had to adjust and make some changes both internal and how we provide information externally. Moving forward, we will be offering .csv files of the data available for purchase. The specific files will contain the following data:
Asr_PropDump - This is a file that contains at Account or Property ID level present ownership information, present account characteristics, and certified Roll values.
Asr_LandSegs - This is a file that contains Land segment information, including the acreages and account acreage, and other identifying characteristics related to Land valuation per account.
Asr_ImpSegs - This is a file that contains all Improvement segment information that is associated by account or Property ID, including square footage, year built, condition, and other components and characteristics for each type of structure or improvement per account.
Asr_WebSale - This is a file that contains Sales information for the last 3 years for each account at the time of the sale. This includes deed information and related Property Id’s that may have been associated with the sale.

Each file will be offered via our web subscription service for $250 each for a 1 year subscription that is updated quarterly. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to with your inquires and be sure to check out our PA Frequently Asked Questions.

Additionally, since we are currently transitioning our mapping software at the moment, we have been able to provide Shape Files, of the following, the costs here remain the same at $500 yearly:
PARCELS.shp - Real Property Accounts only e.i. only property IDs starting with "R", present ownership information, and prior year Certified Roll Values.
GEOPARCEL.shp – All Real Property R#, Personal Property P#, Manufactured Homes M#, and Utility Accounts U#.
Douglas County Assessor’s Office

The information provided is from the Douglas County Assessor's Assessment System and the subscription is a fee-based service that provides data in downloadable formats. Please view our subscription rates here: View Subscription Rates.

To subscribe to these downloads, please email subscriptions and indicate which download you would like to purchase. 

Taxing Districts data requests $100 minimum charge. For ex: Property Owners/Addresses residing in district.


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  • 2004 to 2015 Certified Values Property Roll in .csv format
  • 2009 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2010 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2011 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2012 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2013 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2014 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2015 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2016 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2017 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2018 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2019 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2020 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2021 Certified Values Property Roll
  • 2022 Certified Values Property Roll
  • Assessor Map Tax Lot Images
  • Certified All Property Values and Present Ownership (Asr_PropDump.csv)
  • GIS ShapeFiles - Geoparcels - Map-Tax-Lot Geometry with Situs, Ownership, etc. (Real Property and Manufactured Homes)
  • GIS ShapeFiles - Parcels - Map-Tax-Lot Geometry with Ownership Data (Real Property Accounts Only)
  • Improvement Segments & Building Components(Asr_ImpSegs.csv)
  • Land Segments for each Real Property account (Asr_LandSegs.csv)
  • MH Structures Both in MH Parks and on Real Property (Asr_MH.csv)
  • Sales Info Last 3 Years (Asr_Sales.csv)
  • Sample data pulls of Subscription Products above

Data Codes & Descriptions