Senior or Disabled Citizen Deferral Unit

Please direct all inquiries regarding the Deferral Program directly to the Deferral Unit at the Department of Revenue. Applications available at the State of Oregon website can be turned in after January 1st but before April 16th.

Property Tax Deferral applications may be filed late starting April 16, 2022. When an applicant(s) misses the window to apply timely for the property tax deferral program, (January 1 – April 15th annually), they will have the opportunity to file late with a filing fee paid to the county. The late filing fee is 10% of the current year tax amount from their most recent tax statement (Minimum of $20, Max of $150).


Phone: 503-945-8348
Toll Free Phone: 800-356-4222
Email for Deferrals
State of Oregon Website