Metadata Information

200FT_Contours - Contours Reflect the elevation of areas within the County. The contours map layer is based on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 7.5 minute Digital Elevation Model (10 meter resolution). Contour information is approximate and should not be used to determine the exact elevation of individual properties.

200ft_ContourLabels - The elevation in feet of the 200FT_Contours.

Aerials_2004 - Follow this link for information about the 2004 Aerial Photos (TXT).

Assessor_Maps - Visual indexes to taxlots in Douglas County.

City-District - City Limits Boundary

Contract_PLSS_2005 - GPS points in Douglas County with a reliability factor of 1 foot. Published in Nad83, international feet.

Control_All - Vertical and horizontal control points in Douglas County.

County - Douglas County Boundaries

DLC - Donation land claims resulted from an act of the 1850 Congress under which citizens of the United States, or those who filed a declaration of intention prior to December 1, 1850 and had resided upon or cultivated the land for four consecutive years, were granted a specified amount of acreage in the Oregon Territory.

Gov_Lot - A government lot is a subdivision of a section which is not described as an aliquot part of the section, but which is designated by number e.g., LOT 2. A lot may be regular or irregular in shape and its acreage varies from that of regular subdivisions.

Highways - General Highways of Douglas County

Homestead - A metes and bounds description of lands entered under the United States land laws for the purpose of acquiring title to a portion of the public domain under the homestead laws.

Meander - A line of the approximate mean high water of a permanent natural body of water.

Mining_Claim - A parcel of land probably containing valuable mineral in its soil or rock, and appropriated by an individual according to established rules by the process of location.

NAD27_Horizontal - Control points in Douglas County that have NAD27 horizontal positions derived by various methods (ex. conventional, GPS, etc).

NAD83_Horizontal - Control points in Douglas County that have NAD83 horizontal positions derived by various methods (ex. conventional, GPS, etc).

NGS_GPS - Horizontal positions for GPS control points from the NGS website. Metadata is provided on the datasheet for each point.

NGS_NAVD88_Vertical - Vertical control points from the NGS website that have published NAVD88 elevations. Metadata is provided on the datasheet for each point.

NGVD29_Vertical - Control points in Douglas County that have NGVD29 elevations.

Parcels - Parcel Boundaries - Taxlots are the divisions of land utilized by the County's Department of Assessment and Taxation for taxing purposes. The taxlots typically reflect individual property or ownership boundaries that have been determined through the recording of subdivisions, minor land partitions, and documents altering property boundaries or conveying ownership. The taxlots map layer is updated on a continuous basis with efforts made to keep it current as possible. Each taxlot is associated with a taxlot number (i.e. 270615BB00100). Taxlots are used for assessment purposes only and are not reflective of a property's legal right to be developed.

PLSS_Corner_Renewal - Government Corners that have been renewed.

PLSS_NAD27 - PLSS Grid based on NAD27 Data.

Quarter - Lines to identify approximate one quarter section lines.

Precinct - Administrative boundaries defined for the purpose of elections.

Reservoir - Reservoirs in Douglas County

Resource_PLSS - Points collected with hand held gps rated at a 3 to 5 meter accuracy.

Resource_Subdivision - Points collected with hand held gps rated at a 3 to 5 meter accuracy.

Road County Jurisdiction - Douglas County maintained roads

Roads - Centerlines, of a combination of State, County and City roads.

Section - Subdivision of a township-range into 36 sections approximately 1 mile square.

Section_Center - Latitude and Longitude, Nad27, survey ft. for the center of each section in Douglas County.

Section_Center_Labels - Township-Range-Section of each section center.

Situs - Physical Address

Sixteenth - Lines to identify approximate sixteenth section lines.

Soils - Douglas County Assessors soils class file.

Soils_Labels - Labels for the soils layer.

Township - A division of land by Township-Range approximately 6 mile square.

Tract - A parcel of land that lies in more than one section or that cannot be identified completely as part of a particular section.

UGB - Urban Growth Boundary

UUA - Unincorporated Urban Area

Vegetation - A line of the approximate vegetation line.

Water - Bodies of water