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Firewood Permits Available

Firewood permits are currently available for Whistler's Bend. The permit is valid for the removal of one standard size or smaller pickup load of firewood at $25.00 per load. NO flatbed trucks or trailers allowed. If you are interested in purchasing a permit, please stop by our office located at 1036 SE Douglas Ave, Rm 116. 


Douglas County Parks is excited to announce we currently have 10MB availability at Chief Miwaleta. You can now come and enjoy your stay with free Wifi access. Book your reservation now!  


We are pleased to announce that the newly renovated north loop of our Umpqua Dunes campground is almost completed. The north loop will include 34 full hookup sites and 5 cabins. Reservations for the campsites are now available to book. We are currently accepting reservations for the Cabins from June 16th and on. 

We also expect to open a new retail building at Umpqua Dunes by the end of May. The retail building will feature a convenience store, laundromat, Pizza kitchen, and an ATV parts and repair shop. Clear gas and propane will also be available for purchase. We expect the retail building to be a big success with our customers and we are excited for you to see our newly renovated campground.

Upcoming Events

InlandCoastWhistler's Bend
April 22 River Forks CASA Fun Run
Aug. 8 - 13 DuneFestMar. 18-19 Disc Golf
April 28-30 SAR Dog Days Training (Kanipe)
Apr. 15-16 Disc Golf 
May 26-29 DC Mounted Posse Poker Ride
June 23-25 Disc Golf

July 14-16 Disc Golf

Aug.18-20 Drone Event
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Welcome to the Douglas County Parks Department, your home for one of the finest Southern Oregon outdoor recreation experiences available.

About the Department

The Douglas County Parks Department was established in 1949 and was the first County Parks system developed in the state of Oregon. The Parks Department has grown to over 2,800 acres of recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike. With over 70 dedicated parks, located in the 100 valleys of the Umpqua River, it is the perfect place to go for:       

FishingHikingOHV Riding
Horseback RidingDisc GolfSwimming
Or Access to the 1,000s of other recreational opportunities...

There are numerous recreation opportunities that await you in Douglas County.  Enjoy!