Code Enforcement

The Douglas County Compliance team strives to improve the community through the enforcement of the counties adopted ordinances. Below are some example complaints of what can and cannot be enforced:

What We RegulateWhat We Don't Regulate
  Accumulation of solid waste (garbage piled up)  
  Building without permits
  Failed septic systems
  Zoning (which land uses are permitted in which zones)
  RVs used as single family dwellings
  The number of inoperable vehicles
  How much livestock permitted
  Development standards (setbacks from property lines, etc)

  Overgrown grass, weeds, or other vegetation


  Criminal Activity (Please call 911 for emergencies)

  Landlord/tenant disputes

  Neighbor disputes

  Eyesores (unkempt yards or structures)


  Property encroachments

Ordinance Compliance

The primary function of our code enforcement efforts is to achieve voluntary compliance with the following codes and ordinances of Douglas County:

Complaint Process

Should there be an alleged violation of one or more of the above referenced ordinances on a given property in unincorporated Douglas County (outside the city limits), the complaint process can initiate a county investigation.

Common Violations

View more common violations received by Douglas County on the Common Violations page.