Southern Oregon Regional Pilot Project (SORPP)

Rural lifestyle is an integral part of the fabric of Oregon. Counties have been struggling for years within the structure of Oregon's laws to provide for rural development opportunities. The broad scope and definition of farm and forest lands, together with the lack of Statewide Planning Program recognition of rural development, has created a regulatory environment that has constrained a rural lifestyle.

The Oregon legislature considered two bills in the 2011 and 2012 sessions: HB 3615 and HB 4095. This legislation was introduced to consider providing Douglas, Jackson and Josephine counties the ability to recommend new, regional definitions to Statewide Planning Goals, 3-Farmland, and 4-Forestland, to LCDC. These bills were not adopted.

The Governor's Office was involved in discussion with legislative leadership in both sessions, with regard to deliberations on these bills, and at the end of the 2012 session agreed to issue an executive order that mirrored, though not completely, key aspects that were contained in the prior proposed legislation. On May 10, 2012, Executive Order (EO) 12-07 was signed by the Governor and has initiated action on the pilot project. An examination of farm and forest lands, recognizing that non-resource areas exist in southern Oregon, may provide an opportunity to address this issue.

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