Values & Benefits of Owning a Protected Historic Resource

A Protected Historic Resource is:

  1. Something Special - Douglas County proposes to offer protection to these resources so that future generations may view them and learn about our history and heritage.
  2. Included in the Douglas County Historic Register - The Douglas County Historic Register will be available to school children and other students of Douglas County history and serve as a reference for educational and recreational opportunities.
  3. Eligible for National Register Nomination- National Register recognition allows:
    1. Federal investment tax credits
    2. State of Oregon 10-year freeze on true cash value appraisal
    3. Federal grant monies
  4. Eligible for Local Monumentation - A program will be developed to provide monuments to describe historic significance of location.
  5. A Public Benefit - Conservation of these resources is needed to fulfill recreation and research needs; to give a sense of place and continuity to our communities and regions; to improve the housing and commercial structure stock; to provide educational opportunities; and to diversify the County’s economy through increased tourism.

Oregon State Historic Preservation Office

More detailed information about the National Register nomination process, the referenced benefits, variances to building code compliance and easements for preservation purposes (all possible for National Register items) may be obtained by contacting the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.

 Other Sources of Information

Additional sources of information regarding the values of owning and/or preserving historic resources, both at the state and local level, are available from the following sources: