Right of Way Activity Permits

A Right-of-Way Activity Permit is required for any citizen, organization, contractor, utility, or agency when conducting any construction, maintenance, or special activity within the County right-of-way. These activities would include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Constructing or improving a driveway access
  • Constructing or improving a sidewalk, landscaping, or other feature located within the County right-of-way
  • Installing or maintaining a utility (water, sewer, power, communications, gas)
  • Traffic control operations associated with surveying, field exploration, and other activities within the County right-of-way


Activities performed under a Right-of-Way Activity permit are subject to the County's Access Management Policy and Standard Drawings. The application for a Right-of-Way Activity Permit (PDF) and the County's policies and standards are available. For further information, please contact the Engineering and Construction Division at 541-440-4481.