Lodging Program

Lodging facilities that require licensure include hotels/motels, bed and breakfasts, recreational vehicle parks, and organizational camps. Licenses are not required for lodging facilities that provide fewer than 2 rooms for rent or space for 6 or fewer travelers.

Hotels & Motels Licensing & Inspection Program

Hotels/motels are considered “Travelers' Accommodations,” which are any establishment, (not a hostel) having rooms, apartments or sleeping facilities rented or kept for rent on a daily or weekly basis to travelers for a charge or fee.

Bed & Breakfast Licensing

Bed and Breakfast Facilities are any establishment located in a structure designed for a single family residence regardless of whether the owner or operator of the establishment resides in any of the structures. Bed and Breakfast facilities have more than 2 rooms for rent and offer a breakfast meal to guests.

Recreational Vehicle Park Licensing

Also known as “Recreational Parks,” these include any area designated for picnicking or overnight camping by the general public or any segment of the public. This does not include sites that have units for permanent human occupancy.

Organizational Camps Licensing

Organizational Camps are designed for recreational use by groups or organizations, which include, but are not limited to youth camps, scout camps, summer camps, day camps, and nature camps. Organizational camps differ from recreation parks by the existence of organized group activities comprising the majority of activities by all participants rather than individual and family recreation.

For more information on lodging licensing and inspection programs, visit the Oregon Health Authority, Pool and Tourist Facility webpage.