Historical Maps

Melrose Civil Conservation Corps CampOver the years we have collected maps and information that may contain little or no survey information but are of historical interest to many. For you folks who are searching for a bit of history, browse through our links to maps and informational websites on this page.


  • Douglas County Genealogy Society
  • BLM Land Patent - Allows you to search their records for land patents granted to your ancestors. Some records have scanned images of the actual documents.
  • Historical Topographic Map Collection - To search for, view, and download any of the more than 200,000 USGS Topographic Maps dating back to 1884.
  • Historical GIS Map - Allows you to view historical information around the County in a visual manner.

Melrose Civil Conservation Corps Camp (C.C.C.)

  • Description: Maps shows camps, lookouts, roads, trails, creeks, and home/cabin locations with names. In the Callahan Mt/Baughman Lookout area, covering approximately 100 square miles.
  • Date: 1934

Roseburg USGS Map

  • Roseburg USGS mapDescription: (N-S) Rice Valley to Tri City and (E-W) Idleyld Park to Lookingglass (current names).
  • Date: 1897