Free Materials Exchange

In Douglas County, there are many resources out there to reuse the material you no longer need. People and businesses list items here that are free to pick up or drop off. Please contact them directly with any questions. View the wanted items people and organizations are looking for with the Free Materials Exchange.

Recycling Options

View the DCSW Recycling Options (PDF).

List Your Business

To be listed simply email us. Please only email, do not call to be listed. Include your name, address, phone, and email, subject material(s), and whether it is for pick up or drop off. Contact us as soon as the listing should be removed.


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Free Pick Up


Free mulch when in operation. You should call ahead to make sure there is some available at 541-957-7712. Self Load is free, but it is $15 to have them load it.

Douglas County Public Works
Douglas County Landfill
1-5 Exit 121, McLain Avenue