Veterans with Disabilities 


 We offer free camping to:

  • U.S. veterans with the Oregon State Parks Disabled Veterans Special Access Pass.
  • The Special Access Pass is for veterans with a service-connected disability. This benefit is subject to some restrictions. Disabled Vets will need to apply through the Oregon State Parks program to be eligible.

Douglas County Parks Department Policy

                           Free Camping for Disabled Veterans  

Douglas County Parks Department welcomes Disabled Veterans with an Oregon State Disabled Vet Special Access Pass, to enjoy 10 nights of free camping per year. A maximum of 5 discounted nights in a row is permissible for each stay.  Reservations utilizing this pass MUST be made through the Parks Office.   First-come/first serve campers are welcome at any of our campgrounds.  For both types of reservations, the Oregon State Special Access Pass ‘holder’ is required to present his/her Access Pass and ID upon arrival and must be present during the entire reservation.  

A non-refundable administrative fee of $20 will be charged for each reservation. The balance of the reservation will be waived. Upcharges and fees for holidays, special events, deluxe sites, extra vehicles, tents, are the responsibility of the disabled veteran. To camp all 10 days at the same Douglas County Parks campground, you may use 5 days and then wait 30 days before returning for additional nights. Group sites, cabins, and yurts are not eligible for vet stay discounts.

If you are a Special Access Pass holder, please call the reservations office at 541-957-7001 to book today. Reservations made in advance will not be refunded.

Special Access Pass Image