NEW! Long Term Stays

Long Term Stays are defined as a stay longer than 14 days, but less than 90.

During our peak season, which is defined below, stay limits are 14 days. During Low season, you can camp up to 30 days without a long-term agreement.  Any stay longer than 30 days requires an approved long-term agreement.

Long term stays are limited to 10 sites per campground and are available on a first come first serve basis until all available sites are rented.  Tent camping is ineligible for long term stays.

Coastal Seasons
Inland Seasons
Peak Season is May 1 to Oct 31Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day
Low Season is Nov 1 to April 30Day after Labor Day thru Thursday before Memorial Day

Long term agreements requested during peak seasons will be allowed only if the following conditions are met.

  • Must have a verifiable employment need in the area. Examples include traveling nurses or construction workers. Verification requires a letter on Employer’s letterhead stating the work and dates of employment in the area.
  • The stay must be paid in full prior to first day of arrival and there will be no refunds issued if the reservation is shortened. This only applies to employer paid stays.

Long term payment rules for customers wanting to stay over 30 days.

  •  First 14 days:  Pay regular rate for campsite used.  During this period the customer will make an application for a long term stay which once approved will allow them to stay up to 90 days.
  • 15-90 days:  Pay 80% of regular rate for campsite used but only under a long- term agreement.  Customers who enter into long term agreements will pay in advance an amount equal to 50% of the intended stay with the balance due prior to the second half of their intended stay.
  • Windy Cove – Loop A may have Commercial Fishing Operators stay for up to 90 nights.

Please contact the department at 541-957-7001 or by email

Full rules (PDF)