H.O.P.E.  Drug Court

Judge Robert JohnsonDouglas County H.O.P.E. Drug Court, with Honorable Judge Robert Johnson, operates under the jurisdiction of Douglas County Circuit Court. This program was implemented on January 17, 1996 and is an intensive court monitored treatment program that combines alcohol/drug treatment with judicial oversight using a collaborative team approach. The addition of Drug Court as the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) after-care took place several years ago and has helped avoid a sharp drop off in services when RSAT graduates re-enter the community. The program serves as a felony diversion and post-incarceration program.  

Diversion eligible participants will have the criminal charges upon which they entered the program dismissed if they successfully complete the program, pay the required drug court fee, and pay all supervision fees.  Some participants may be referred and accepted into the program as a condition of probation or at the time of sentencing. Those participants' criminal charges will not be eligible for dismissal.  

The Drug Court team is comprised of the following agencies:

  • Douglas County Circuit Court
  • Douglas County District Attorney's Office
  • Douglas County Corrections Department (Parole and Probation)
  • Adapt Integrated Health Care
  • Oregon Department of Human Services - Self Sufficiency and Child Welfare
  • Umpqua Valley Public Defenders, Inc.
  • Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT)

Drug Court Goals:

  • Reduce recidivism rates of substance abusing individuals in the criminal justice system.
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with criminal activity.
  • Increase public safety.
  • Promote self-sufficiency and empower substance abusers to become responsible and productive members of the community.
  • Reunite family units in a healthy and substance free environment.

The Five Phases of Drug Court:

  • Phase 1:  6 weeks, group 4 days per week and 30 days program clean time.
  • Phase 2: 16 weeks, group 3 days per week and 60 days program clean time.
  • Phase 3: 16 weeks, group 1 day per week and 90 days program clean time.
  • Phase 4: Optional. Individualized treatment.
  • Phase 5: 13 weeks, group 1 day per week as needed per treatment plan, 90 days program clean time, and 180 days of clean time.

*A clean date is the day after the last use of any non-prescribed controlled substances including alcohol and marijuana.   This date is established with counselors and reported by the participant during court.  In order to graduate, a participant must have at least 180 days clean time.

To graduate Drug Court, participants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have 6 months of clean time with at least 90 days ‘program time’ prior to the graduation date.
  2. Submit to and pass a polygraph test at least one month prior to graduation.
  3. Pay in full the Drug Court Program fee of $500 at least one week prior to graduation.
  4. Complete approved graduation project.