Department Heads


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams P.E., Scott Public Works Director 541-440-4208  
Assed, Omar Fleet Division Manager 541-957-4854  
Briggs-Mayfield, Machelle Canyonville Justice of the Peace 541-839-4389  
Clemens, William Building Director 541-440-4559  
Coffel, Heather Douglas County Assessor 541-440-4222  
Dannenhoffer, Robert Public Health Officer      
Davis, James Museum Director 541-957-7007  
Fromdahl, Aric Juvenile Services Director 541-440-4409  
Hanlin, John Douglas County Sheriff 541-440-4463  
Heacock, Joshua Engineering & Natural Resources Division Manager 541-440-4481  
Hults, Dan Fairgrounds Director 541-957-7010  
Kurtz, Michael Human Resources Director 541-440-4405  
Laney, Nancy Information Technology Director 541-440-4330  
LaRaut, Vern Work Crew Division Manager 541-957-2072  
Lee III, Sam Douglas County Treasurer (541) 440-4241  
Loomis, Dan Douglas County Clerk 541-440-4325  
McArthur, Rick     541-440-4474  
McGraw, Garrett Operations & Maintenance Division Manager 541-957-2026  
Meyer, Paul Douglas County Counsel 541-440-4375  
Miller, Jennifer Assistant, Board of County Commissioners 541-440-6508  
Miller, Kathleen Reedsport Justice of the Peace 541-271-4868  
Newman-Keyes, Mary A. Veterans Services Director, Veterans Service Officer 541-440-4219  
Page, Tony Land Director 541-440-4300  
Palmer, David Building Facilities Director 541-440-6001  
Perry, Tracy Chief Deputy Tax Collector 541-440-4253  
Quimby, Ronald Douglas County Surveyor 541-440-4272  
Shaklee, Joshua Planning Director 541-440-4289  
Stinson, Wayne Douglas County Emergency Manager 541-440-4463  
Wall, Mark Parks Director 541-957-7001  
Wesenberg, Rick Douglas County District Attorney   541-440-4388  
Wilson, Dan Chief Financial Officer, Management & Finance 541-440-4213  
Wright, Jeanne Senior Services Director 541-440-3677  
Zimmer, Jim Salmon Harbor Director 541-271-3407