Moving a Manufactured Structure?

First you will need to secure a placement permit from your local Planning Department to be sure that the manufactured structure may be sited at the new location. When you have your placement permit from Planning, take it to the Assessor’s office to complete the additional forms necessary to complete your change of site request. The forms required are either the Notice of Sale/Change of Ownership or the Multi-Purpose Change form.


The fee to process a trip permit is $55 plus $5 per side. The fees, and any taxes owing, must be paid in certified funds only. You will also be asked to provide the name and phone number of the transporter. To obtain a trip permit for a Manufactured Structure moving out of Douglas County all taxes for the current fiscal year must be paid.

Change of Ownership

If there is a change of ownership then a Notice of Sale Change of Ownership form and Supplemental form will need to be submitted. If no ownership change is occurring then a Multi-Purpose Change form and a supplemental form with information regarding the new location for the Manufactured Structure will need to be submitted.

Tax Bill & What to Expect

Please be aware that when obtaining a trip permit for a Manufactured Structure, the transaction fee and tax payments must be secured by cash or certified funds, we do not accept personal checks. You will receive a tax bill from the county where the Manufactured Structure was sited on January 1st of the current year. A Manufactured Structure that moves between January 2nd and December 31st will be moved and billed at the new location in our records for the next fiscal tax year.

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