What is a Public Record?

Public records are documents containing information relating to the conduct of a public bodies business to which that agency or government office is the custodian. Not every document requested is considered a public records request.  County Departments will let you know if the documents you are requesting need to go through our public records request process.  For example, if you are not the homeowner, landowner, complainant, defendant or petitioner of the original documents, then they will be considered public records and there for a public records request is needed. Additionally, if the documents require legal review for copyright, proprietary, confidentiality, privileged information or items exemption from disclosure, then it will be considered public records and there for a public records request is needed.  Per Oregon Revised Statutes 192.411, public records requests are documents that include handwritten, typed, photographed, electronic or other records, such as:

    1. Letters
    2. Contracts
    3. Memos
    4. Notes
    5. Records
    6. Assessments
    7. Proposals
    8. Bids
    9. Agreements
    10. Applications
    11. Studies
    12. Files
    13. Pictures
    14. Diagrams
    15. Emails
    16. Videos
    17. Recordings
    18. Sounds/Audio
    19. Symbols
    20. Combinations of any of these mediums

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