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Election Job Order Form

  1. Elections Job Request Form

    247.955 Use of Lists Of Electors for Commercial Purposes Prohibited. No person to whom a list of electors is made available or supplied shall use any information in the list for commercial purposes.

    Orders require 1 to 3 business days to process. We will email requested records after invoices are paid.

    The following fees apply for providing elections data:

    • $25.00 Set-up fee – Paid at time delivery
    • Voter Lists will be charged an additional $.025 per 100 voters
    • Request requiring extensive research will be charged an additional $3.75 per 1/4 hour.
    • Fees other medium or delivery may be assessed.  examples: Paper, CD, Flash Drives, or Mailing.
    • $3.75 fee per certified copy
  2. Please Note:

    Third Party Processor for credit/debit cards will charge and additional $1.50 minimum

    $25.00 charge for returned checks – No Refund

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